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In 1970 I was knocking on doors at various Record Companies, trying to sell a new promotional item called window prints, they were cool transparency's. Everyone liked them but they were all looking for t-shirts and wanted to know if I could do them. After my third meeting I said sure I could t-shirts, and got my first order for 300 t-shirts for Bobby Blue Band from ABC/Dunhill Records. With only 10 days to deliver, and knowing nothing about printing t-shirts, I jumped in and learned the business quickly and delivered my first order 2 days early. I gained alot of knowledge in the early days, 39 years and 17 million t-shirts later, I put out the best quality t-shirts in the business as well as the most competitive prices in todays market.

My company can do 10 color samples within 24 hours. Because you as a customer must be satisfied with your job, before production begins. If your not happy then we aren't happy. If you have a design you are currently printing with another print shop, we will waive any art, film and screen charges, so that you can give us a try for free.

If you are wondering about the little truck, the only thing I've done longer than t-shirts is own this little truck. It was my first car, I've owned it for 45 years. I still drive it on a daily basis. It gets 47 miles per gallon of gas and only weighs 1000lbs.

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